Blueback Unconventional Toolbox

The Blueback Unconventional Toolbox improves workplace ergonomics when working with many wells in Petrel, typically in unconventionals shale and oil-sands.



The Blueback Toolbox suite contains close to 100 tools complementing standard Petrel*. It covers the geophysics, geology, geomodeling and the reservoir engineering domains, in addition to assisting the Petrel user with a series of tools for better managing the Petrel projects.

The Blueback Unconventional Toolbox contains small to medium size/complexity tools that will enhance your Petrel workflows, aiming to make the working life of the unconventionals geoscientist easier.

The toolbox provides tools that streamline data search and workflows including many wells. The toolbox provides improved data browsing and data handling, as well as fast trend screening. The unconventionals toolbox is also useful in conventional G&G workflows.


Make existing Petrel workflows more efficient with the Blueback Unconventional Toolbox. With tools like The Well Data Viewer you can achieve streamlined and efficient well data browsing. The Log Normalization tool, the Global Well Log manager and the Rename Tools provide basic data preparation that is essential in projects with many wells. Geological and petrophysical trend screening can be performed using the Quick Mapper and the Automated tops gridder. 


Well Data Viewer

Browse well data from an intuitive user interface. Highlight a well in the well list and browse various data types using data tabs in the same user interface. Data tabs:

  • Well Header
  • Deviation survey(s)
  • Time Depth Relationships
  • Well logs
  • Global well logs
  • Well Tops and Zones spreadsheets
  • Production data

Automated tops gridder

Interactive QC and structural trend identification from well tops, by instant display and gridding of new picked/updated well tops.

Quick Mapper

Simple and fast trend screening by calculation and 2D mapping of average log values pr zone.

Log Normalization

Easy access to the normalization of well logs. The normalization operation can be performed at certain intervals in the wells based on well tops filters and discrete logs class filters.

Global well log manager

Merge prioritized global well logs (across templates) into one global well log.


Rename multiple data objects or folders based on certain search criteria, including pattern rename.


The Python tool allows the user to manipulate Petrel data objects using the Python programming language, including C-python. Run advanced python machine learning algorithms inside Petrel using the Python tool.

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