Blueback Seismic Data Management

A new, corporate information management solution for seismic data.

Blueback Seismic Data Management solution for seismic data


Blueback Seismic Data Management is a cost effective solution that manages large volumes of data with efficient workflows. The solution further integrates with geographical information systems (GIS) and provides map and table based views of seismic assets.

The open and easy to use data model provided in the Blueback Seismic Data Management database can be accessed directly with third party tools and applications. A Petrel plug-in will be provided for integration of seismic data loading and QC into Petrel.


  • Get full life cycle management of seismic data and manage the increasing complexity of seismic data sets
  • Save cost and time in management, use and storage of seismic data
  • Reduce the need for offline physical storage and get help to keep data online
  • Improve access to available data via self-service tools for geoscientists
  • Manage large volumes of data with efficient data scanning workflows
  • Prepare seismic datasets ready for geoscience applications
  • Knowledge management of seismic meta data and loading parameters
  • Flexible deployment scenarios with distributed parallelized processing options
  • Integrate with geographical information systems (GIS)


  • Crawl disks and scan seismic files
  • QC and view seismic data assets and use the meta data for searching, filtering and finding the seismic data
  • Create collections of seismic data in table views or map views and use as input to workflows for data preparations or to load into geoscience applications
  • Integrate with third party tools and applications
  • Access the system through an intuitive and secure web application built on modern web standards and technology
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