Blueback Rocks Velocity

Blueback Rocks Velocity provides a dynamic and interactive environment that allows interpreters to gain full confidence in the data used for domain conversion.



Time to depth conversion represents one of the most intimidating workflows in reservoir characterization. A major key aspect is the ability to analyze data reliably. 

Blueback Rocks Velocity extracts velocity parameters and seismic out of both well and seismic data which allows the interpreter to build high quality velocity models.  

Fully integrated, it lets the interpreter visualize and understand velocity trends in a clear and transparent way while building an accurate velocity model that can be used to depth convert 3D Seismic, seismic interpretation, faults, surfaces, point data and polygons.

The technology has been developed following specifications given by a major operator in the North Sea.


Time to depth conversion is a complex process. Blueback Rocks Velocity is a transparent tool that gives users full insight and control of all velocity related data. It has been designed to reveal problematic data early and let the intepreter take immediate corrective actions before moving on to more complex workflows.

With Blueback Rocks Velocity 2.0 depth conversion of large 3D volumes is scalable with your hardware, making it several times faster than normal Petrel on your PC. 


  • Transparent and easy workflow to manage velocity data
  • Identify V0,K or Vint trends for each layer
  • Comprehensive velocity data crossplot visualizers
  • Calibrate seismic velocities to well velocities. No 3D grid building required
  • On-the-fly QC maps
  • Generate useful table sorted information
  • Simple and advanced workflows for detailed handling of depth residuals
  • Build a high quality velocity model
  • Depth convert surfaces, points, polygons and seismic data

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