Blueback Rocks QI

A comprehensive suite of tools that can be combined to address a large variety of challenges quantifying geophysical signatures of rock and fluid properties.

Blueback Rocks QI, Workflow oriented Quantitative Interpretation tool designed to improve efficiency


Combining rock physics models with seismic data, sedimentological information and stochastic techniques has been demonstrated to provide much better results than the ones obtained by applying single techniques independently.

Fully integrated into Petrel*, Blueback Rocks QI is architected to work as a highly interactive tool across all multidisciplinary domains covering Quantitative Interpretation. 


Easily build and apply standard methodologies of Quantitative Interpretation at various phases of your reservoir: exploration, appraisal, development and management. Put your data in context using a powerful cross-domain data analysis tool. Investigate parameter sensitivity to assess uncertainty or customize workflows across your organization.


  • Workflow oriented Quantitative Interpretation tool designed to improve efficiency
  • Architected to work as a highly interactive tool across all multidisciplinary domains covering Quantitative Interpretation
  • Use and combine a wide range of specific rock physics and seismic reservoir characterization applications in a single environment
  • Blueback Rocks QI tools are Petrel workflow enabled to allow for stochastic techniques
  • Wide coverage of workflows, from seismic conditioning, well calibration, tuning wedge, EEI, inversion and advanced lithofacies classification techniques, Bayesian, PDF, AVO

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