Blueback Python Tool Pro – Enabling Data Science with Petrel

The Python™ Tool Pro allows you to apply complex machine learning algorithms to your Petrel© data.



Blueback Python Tool Pro is the latest evolution of the Python Tool and is now available as its own product separate from the Blueback Toolbox.

Our aim is to enable clients to leverage more value from their legacy data in their preferred data science environment.

The tool allows geoscientists to apply complex machine learning algorithm and data science workflows against their Petrel data and includes a series of tools to visualise, manipulate and distribute code.


The Blueback Python Tool Pro connects directly into Petrel from any external Python installation. It allows you to develop research code in notebooks and then distribute the code as easy-to-run notebooks with full documentation.

With the Python Tool Pro users can run scripts from a separate Python installation via open-source notebooks such as Jupyter, Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code or other Python editors using an expansive Petrel domain model. The Python Tool Pro updates Petrel domain objects instantly using Python scripts and lets users access powerful visualisations from Python libraries and modern machine learning libraries to contextualise workflows.

Link to the Python Tool Pro Product Flyer

Python Tool Pro Version 1.1. released March 2021 with additional domain object support and improved functionalities.

Python Tool Pro Version 1.2. released July 2021 introduces new functionalities and major performance improvements to work on large Petrel projects and access datasets comprising 1000’s of data objects per data type.

Find out more about the Python Tool Pro features in this demo from the Global Data Science and Python Workshop, hosted in March 2021.

™ Python is a trademark of the Python Software Foundation
© Petrel is a mark of Schlumberger

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