Blueback Avary – Faster, intuitive geophysical insight and analysis

Increased effectiveness, speed and quality for seismic post stack processing workflows, developed in collaboration with Aker BP.



In order to estimate the risk factors when modelling a trap and the petroleum charge, geologists and geophysicists need to map the rocks in the reservoir and their properties in detail. These seismic processes typically demand many iterations per process and handling of multiple, large seismic volumes when calculating attributes derived from AVO theory.

Blueback Avary allows the interpreter to focus more on the interpretation and evaluation of the data rather than handling heavy computational operations and transfer of big data between software applications.

In collaboration with Aker BP, Blueback Avary has been developed to streamline and re-imagine this workflow into an interactive, dynamic experience in a single application. 

Developed using Cegal’s Next-Gen software architecture Flows, Blueback Avary allows the user to design highly customizable workflows and optimize seismic processes. All workflow components are interlinked, which allows for quick iteration and comparing of results across workflows. 

With Blueback Avary, you can focus more on the interpretation and evaluation of the data than on the handling of countless computational operations and parameters.

“Blueback Avary changes the way we work with seismic, interactively and across domains.“
Øyvind Kjøsnes
Lead Geophysicist, Aker BP


  • Interactive cascading seismic derisking and post stack processing workflows
  • Next-Gen software architecture optimized for speed, scalability and ultimately hyperscale
  • Smart caching of results and data for optimal “real-time” workflow performance.
  • Seismic Data Conditioning
  • Relative Phase Balancing
  • Bandwidth Matching
  • Time Alignment
  • Acquisition footprint removal
  • Spectral Decomposition
  • Structurally orientated noise removal
  • Complete data lineage, auditability, and repeatability.
  • Image blending and overlay
  • Petrel© connectivity

Roadmap and plans

Blueback ODiSI will soon be available within Blueback Avary to extend the workflow through to seismic inversion. More integrations to come.

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