Oil & Gas Workspace

Increase efficiency, quality and accelerate your business within oil and gas with our managed high performing workspace.

Oil & Gas Workspace

Increase efficiency, quality and accelerate your business within oil and gas with our managed high performing workspace.

The Cegal Oil & Gas workspace is an open integration platform for the oil and gas industry. It allows for a complete user experience with flexible access to industry applications, data and consulting. A scalable solution provided by high-end IT- and cloud services that empowers your employees to perform optimally – supported by our World Class Service.

Cegal delivers a complete solution to increase business value through technology. With enhanced digital usage and improved end-user experience, we ensure applications and data deployed, integrated and easily accessed through secure, stable and cost efficient solutions.

Customer Experience

The interaction you as a customer practice in the digital environment is vital to meet expectations, a key element to customer experience that we aim to deliver through the Oil & Gas Workspace.

The Cegal Service Desk is a professional communications center that provides single point of contact (SPOC) between Cegal and customers, employees and business partners. We put our effort into delivering World Class Service, a service that makes a lasting impression. World Class Services is more than interaction; we firmly believe that it is a result of the efforts of highly engaged employees combined with good customer relations.

To meet customers’ business needs, our customized operating model adheres to recognized industry standards. Based on the ITIL framework, the operating model is a part of the culture and it covers all necessary processes.

Managing risk and enabling users without compromising the business requirements for confidentiality, integrity and availability is key. Cegal is ISO27001 certified, and in close collaboration with our customers, we provide end-users with the security and usability levels expected. In addition, automation ensures cost effective solutions, such as a fully automated maintenance solution and a self-service portal.

Software Products for oil & gas

A wide range of products optimized for the oil and gas industry within the following categories.

Services for oil & gas

Geoscience and IT consultancy services and development of customized software solutions for the oil and gas industry. 


GeoCloud is a cloud solution that delivers high performance IT systems and customized software solutions for advanced geoscience- and engineering applications and critical onshore operations.

GeoCloud provides Desktop as a Service with centralized management, lower maintenance cost, improved security, and remote access to superior storage and computing capabilities.

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