Secure access to critical IT systems and operation of ICT infrastructure at offshore and onshore installations.

Quartered in the heart of the Norwegian energy capital Stavanger, Cegal has over the years grown an impressive experience and competence within Industrial IT, helping our customers environments become more productive, efficient and secure. The combination of best-in-class information technology (IT), infrastructure competence, domain knowledge and software development makes Cegal a unique partner for customers within the energy and critical infrastructure industry.

We support our customers within drilling, exploration and rig and oil production with industry proven designs, combined with secure turn-key products for the energy industry. By combining IT solutions with domain knowledge within oil and gas solutions, Cegal is able to develop and deliver customized services to decrease cost and increase efficiency.


Connect@Plant is a complete security solution to control, protect, and log all access to offshore installations/plants. The solution gives external vendors secure access to offshore installations to perform maintenance and changes on ICS/PCSS systems – designed for the oil and gas industry and compliant with the recommendations in the NORSOK standards and OLF/NOG104 guidelines.

Operations control user access, qualifications and work permits from the Connect@Plant interface. The predefined access matrix and an advanced security platform reduces risk and provides efficient work processes.

Scalable Security

  • A security system for business operations with less burden on IT
  • A system for both onshore and offshore operations
  • A security hub which supports multiple plants

Industrial IT has traditionally been static and silo based with minimum external connections and changes in the environment. In today’s industrial networks there is an explosion of IP based devices that need to connect to a number of systems in order to increase operational efficiency. Intelligence@Plant is a software based solution that sits in the industrial network, and gain information from your systems and further makes them available to the end users. The role based approach allows your personnel to gain access to information needed, regardless if they are located on- or offshore.

The Intelligence@Plant interface is modular to fit customer needs and to provide a cost efficient implementation. It enables monitoring of infrastructure, industrial data, cyber security posture, critical service monitoring, dynamic asset management and inventory.


  • Industrial Data Analytics
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Security Dashboard
  • Inventory
  • Service Monitoring
Critical Infrastructure Assessment

Identify > Protect >Detect > Respond > Recover

Today’s trend with Internet of Things (IoT), and increased exposure of critical infrastructure, are affecting the industry – causing an increasing number of devices exposed to evolving threats.

The Critical Infrastructure Assessment framework addresses this challenge by creating a baseline of cyber security goals, and measure the achieved level in the organization. In turn, this provides the business with a clear understanding of which elements that are important and highlights the areas with deviations.

The assessment is based on the open Cyber Security Framework by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) which in turn is aligned with the industry standards ISO 27001, IEC-62443, NIST SP 800, COBIT 5.

Cyber Security for Critital Infrastructure

In a time with focus on increased productivity and reduced cost, more and more industrial and critical infrastructure are being exposed. Critical IT infrastructure is facing more threats than ever and potential breaches in these systems can be catastrophic.

Cegal focuses on designing secure systems and apply safety measures to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability within critical infrastructure. This is achieved by providing 24/7 cyber security surveillance, Security Operations Center (SOC) services and tools such as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

In addition, all our valued partners such as NorCERT, Mnemonic and Watchcom are involved to provide a layered security approach and to exchange cyber security related information and tools. Cegal has a responsibility to protect infrastructure that are considered critical and is therefor a partner with NorCERT, a department within Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM).

Industrial Automation and Control System Security Standards

Industrial IT are combining industrial automation, OT, IT and control systems solutions. Cegal aligns with best practices and security standards applied and adapted by the industry such as ISA99/IEC 62443, ISO 27001:2013, NIST Cyber Security Framework and OLF (Norsk Olje og Gass) guidelines such as OLF/NOG104, OLF/NOG110, OLF/NOG123.

ISO/IEX 27001:2013

Cegal was audited by NEMKO and awarded ISO 27001 certification for information security in 2015.

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