We aim to help our customers develop business value through technology. With passion we put our efforts into delivering World Class Service to our customers worldwide.

Cegal Service Desk aim to help customers develop business value through technology

World Class Service

Globally we put our efforts into delivering World Class Service, a service that makes a lasting impression. World Class Service is not only a matter of interaction, we firmly believe that it is a result of the efforts of highly engaged employees combined with good customer relations.

We will at all times provide you with a consistent outstanding customer experience; reliable, efficient and with high quality. Local expertise will always have the necessary skills and experience when assisting our customers in different regions.


We use ServiceNow, a cloud based IT Service Management System, to serve our customers. The system has been ranked leading in Gartner´s prestigious magic quadrant for 2015 and 2016.

ServiceNow is part of Cegal´s overall strategy. To achieve a firm and global footprint, we are dependent on utilizing outstanding public cloud providers. And as it is vital to be able to serve our customers efficiently, ServiceNow is one of our most critical business applications.

Cegal Service Desk provides outstanding customer experience
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Key Metrics

Customer service metrics that we believe are of importance to you

Response time

Average time in seconds for us to respond to a request by phone

Customer satisfaction

Average score for the customer satisfaction survey 2016
32 874

Tickets resolved

Total tickets resolved by Service Desk since May 2016

First level resolution

Service Desk reached the goal of 80% first call resolution in 2016

Years of experience

Service Desk technicians have an average of 9 years’ experience

Customer support

We are here to provide you with World Class Service (CET)