OurĀ Ethical Guidelines

The need for the business community to comply with fundamental ethical principles continues to be highlighted.

Our company must be an ethically responsible company. Apart from this being an important factor in itself, it is also of commercial significance. The company’s reputation is based on individual employees’ behaviour. All employees are therefore obliged to know the guidelines and comply with them in practice.

Managers are responsible for communicating the guidelines and ensuring they are followed. In certain business areas, managers must assess the need for further clarification in the form of supplementary guidelines.

Below are the company’s Ethical Guidelines.

Main principles
Regardless of where you work, the company’s employees must comply with applicable laws and regulations, contractual obligations, internationally recognised human rights and the requirements imposed by good business practices and recognized standards for personal conduct.

Disputes and cases of major significance shall be determined by the company’s chief executive.

Personal conduct general
Managers and other employees must act confidently and with respect for business associates, colleagues and others they come into contact with in relation to their work. The company does not accept harassment or other conduct that could be perceived as threatening or demeaning. Our employees must abstain from the use of drugs in a way that can put your business or organisation’s business in an unfavourable light.

Nobody should illegally or unreasonably be discriminated against because of gender, age, religion, political opinion, race, colour, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation or cohabitation.

Political contributions
The company will generally not give contributions of a political nature. Exceptions can only be made by the chief executive.

Employees who violate these guidelines must expect reactions from the company’s side.

The guidelines apply to all employees, whether they are employed or contracted by the company for a limited period.