Data Management as a Service

We provide data and information management solutions delivered as a service, to any data location.

Cegal delivers data management solutions as a service to any data location

With a unique combination of technology and domain expertise, Cegal delivers a complete data management services portfolio to optimize the data flow of your petrotechnical environment.

By introducing a modern and automated data management workflow, geoscience and data managers will gain access to data in a convenient and powerful way.

We have an experienced and dedicated group of geoscientists and data managers that knows all of the industry data types, the software and the databases in which these data are to be loaded and used.

Cegal makes sure you do not have to worry about a thing. We deliver efficient and high quality services to ensure a fully optimized and managed environment, at a predictable cost.

IT Infrastructure Assessment

Assess your petrotechnical environment with a combination of Cegal technology, business intelligence tools and internal expertise. Cegal will also provide guidance in how to maximize the use of systems and where and how to evolve your petrotechnical desktop.

Performance Monitoring

Provides a deep understanding of the Petrel infrastructure environment to drive business benefit. Apply that knowledge to a number of quick wins and focus infrastructure spend where needed.

Data Monitoring and Reporting

With customized dashboards and reports, you can monitor your data management environment through KPIs, storage and data flow.

Data Loading and Management

With an experienced team, Cegal can deliver all the data loading services you need to manage your data on all software platforms. Cegal’s new Seismic Data Management solution offers a novel and efficient way of handling your seismic data.

Data Assessment and Migration

Get a full audit of your geoscience data environment by utilizing our proprietary software technology in order to gain a complete overview of your data. This is essential when you consider migrating your data to a new platform, e.g. to Studio*. Ensure a smooth migration project with expert assistance from Cegal.

Training and Consulting

Cegal is a leading provider of Petrel data management solutions. By utilizing our in-depth knowledge of Petrel data, we have developed several products to ease the dataflow in your Petrel environment.

By offering specialized consultancy and training on our data management software applications, we can help you to streamline and optimize your data workflows. Always tailored to your needs, we utilize your data in order to provide the best training possible. Our data management experts are ready to assist with advice and recommendations on data management challenges at any time.

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