Highly experienced on-site consultants and expert geomodelers for the most challenging of tasks

Cegal have more than 340 employees, of which more than 50 are highly skilled geoscientists. This unique combination of IT and geoscience domain expertise puts us in an excellent position to fill the gap between IT and E&P.

We have several opportunities related to consultancy and highly experienced on-site consultants and expert geomodelers for the most challenging of tasks.

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  • Onsite consultants working within asset teams
  • Expert users of Petrel*, RMS and GoCAD
  • Unrivalled reservoir model building and reservoir characterization
  • Advanced knowledge of workflows, uncertainty and simulation models


  • Expert knowledge of Petrel geophysics
  • 2D and 3D interpretation, 3D velocity modelling and rock physics
  • Experts in borehole geophysics and attributes modelling
  • Exploration and production / development geophysicist

CSEM Geophysicists

  • CSEM feasibility studies, including stochastic modeling of structural and lithological uncertainty and its consequences for CSEM
  • Interpretation and quality control of aquired CSEM data and inversion results
  • Quantitive interpretation of CSEM inversion results
  • Survey design

Production / Development Geologists

  • Expert 3D geomodeling skills and reservoir characterization
  • Deterministic and probabilistic volume calculations
  • Well targeting, planning, geosteering and operations
  • Capable for all asset team decision making

Exploration Geologists

  • In-depth knowledge of Petrel exploration tools and geomodeling
  • Extensive knowledge of North Sea, Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea
  • Seismic interpretation, well correlation, mapping and geomodeling

Reservoir Engineers

  • Proficient with ECLIPSE, RE for Petrel and Petrel geomodeling
  • Well test analysis, reserve estimations and reservoir simulation

Geomodeling Support

  • Petrel data loading, QC, project set up and DM
  • Geomodeling support, workflow methods and mentoring
  • Independent QC of in-house geomodelers

*Marks of Schlumberger

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When and where you technical teams`s needs data, our consultants can interpret and deliver results in an intuitive format that will quickly identify optimum results.

Inventory and Validation

  • Create a project and data inventory
  • Validate the key reference data i.e. seismic and wells including spatial analysis
  • Deliver a comprehensive report and plan for data harmonization
  • Enhance the Petrel Studio experience

Clean up and QC

  • Change Petrel projects to fit best practices
  • Eliminate seismic data duplication
  • Quality Control data using geo-spatial tools


  • Link database to accounting and production data
  • Design, build and deploy reporting tools and dashboards
  • Advanced Geo-Spatial tools

Help & Support

  • 1 day training
  • Additional support

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We have long experience in developing software for reservoir 3D modeling and mapping through several years of working with, and developing , the software products IRAP RMS and Petrel.

Combined with our strong domain knowledge in seismic interpretation, reservoir modeling and reservoir engineering, we are strongly positioned to deliver high quality and cost efficient products for our customers.

What do we develop?

  • development of standalone software applications
  • development of plug-in applications
  • integrating legacy software into the Petrel framework
  • development services as a consultancy (programming, advisory role, joint development, etc)

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It was very nice to see the tool do in <5 minutes what takes us 1-2 weeks to do manually.

Andrew Hoover, Maersk