Culture is Cegal´s cornerstone. We trust that employees who are seen, heard and appreciated become engaged, and therefore performs their very best.

Available positions

Are looking for a dynamic, challenging and rewarding career in IT or Geoscience? Here you can find information about the current available positions. Please note that we do not consider open applications, only applications on available job positions.

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World class service is service that makes a lasting impression. We are passionate people, dedicated to deliver world class service to our clients worldwide.

With a highly multinational workforce we are proud to have accomplished global presence through employees, clients and offices. Embracing diversity results in respect and tolerance and develops a creative and innovative working environment.

We aim to ensure engaged employees and carefully monitors the level of satisfaction throughout our workplace. Motivated employees is crucial for Cegal to be able to grow, develop and deliver according to company vision and strategies.

Another important aspect of our working culture is to be able to build relations and transfer knowledge and experience from senior workers. We accomplish this through an internal mentor program.

Meet our people

Which qualities identify somebody as an ideal Cegaler? Our people are diverse, they represent different races, cultures and backgrounds. But what they all have in common is passion, commitment and energy. 

Get to know some of our highly competent and engaged employees and learn more about the Cegal working culture. 


David Eike Cayuex


IT Architect

The Cegal Service Desk main focus is to provide customers with World Class Service when assisting end users with IT challenges. Short handling time and a high level of competence is key in describing the work we do.

Meet David


Isabel von Steinaecker


Dipl. Geologist

In Cegal I can be a geologist and work in the areas I am trained in but also have the freedom and opportunity to enhance my competency with specific software, and to be part of the software creation phase by influencing development.

Meet Isabel


Chukwuemeke Paschal Ijeh


Geologist and Geomodeler

The flat organizational structure in the G&G consulting department, and the challenging development opportunities that is available, is one of the best things about working in Cegal. 

Meet Chukwuemeke Paschal


Jahn Otto Andersen


Software Engineering Manager

In Cegal we are developing scientific software for the Oil&Gas industry. Our main focus is development of plug-ins for the Schlumberger Petrel software platform. In addition, we do a mix of commercial software products and bespoke software projects for our customers.

Meet Jahn Otto


Dag Ydstebø


IT Architect - Infrastructure Datacenter

As an IT Architect in Cegal you will have the opportunity to develop and to be hands new technologies to build new solutions. In addition, Cegal provides a good working- and social environment with great colleagues.

Meet Dag

Are you a Cegalian?

Cegal is a value driven company which is highly focused on our people. We continuously seek to attract qualified personell and we strongly belive in our company values: inventive, courageous, passionate and balanced. These are the values we build our performance on and together we form an excellent team with excellent skills.

If you share our conviction that these are success values to be able to maintain a great work environment, to move forwards and embrace the future - you share the beliefs of a Cegaler. 

High ethical moral is important to us. Our customers, employees and shareholders have faith in our high ethical standards which again enable us to maintain a valuable market reputation, retain and attract talented employees.

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