We are a leading provider of hybrid cloud solutions, software and consultancy to the oil and gas industry - a global company with offices around the world.

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CEO Statement

Cegal is a professional partner delivering cloud solutions, software and consultancy within IT, geoscience and data management. We have a business model based on delivery of scalable and recurring As a Service solutions. This enables our E&P customers in the oil and gas industry to scale costs easily.

With significant investments in our product and services portfolio over the last years, we now have a unique offering, and are well positioned for the future.

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Cegal, CEO statement

Our history

Cegal history, from centralized IT operations to a global partner for oil and gas

Cegal was founded in 2000, delivering centralized IT operations and providing profitable solutions through economies of scale. Over time and with mergers and acquisitions Cegal continued to grow from being a generic service provider to become a global provider of both IT and geoscience solutions to the oil and gas industry. 

Today Cegal provides dedicated and integrated products, services, software and concepts to fill the gap between IT and E&P. 

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Vision and values

We believe in our vision and values, and staying true to them will guide us towards continued growth and success.

As you read more about our vision and values, you will learn who we are, where we are headed and how every Cegal team member can help us get there. 

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Cloud and geoscience solutions for oil and gas | Cegal


Cegal HSEQ principles, policies and requirements to work safely and effectively

Cegal is a company focused on the well-being of its customers, employees and owners. This require a proactive approach to HSE. Our HSE Management System contains the principles, policies and requirements we need to work safely and effectively.

We are committed to conduct safe operations in all parts of our business; the health of our personnel, environmental responsibility and to continuously improve in order to ensure a high level of quality.

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Our Privacy Statement

Executive Management

Responsible for strategic planning, development and overall decision making in managing and operating the Cegal organization.

Svein Torgersen

Chief Executive Officer

Trym Gudmundsen

Chief Financial Officer

Asbjørn Tonstad

Chief Technology Officer

Nina Amdal Fiskaaen

Chief Strategy Officer

Harald Sundalskleiv

Chief Commercial Officer

Poul Erik Jensen

Chief Operating Officer

Pat Cauley

Regional Manager North & South America

Mitch Sutherland

Regional Manager United Kingdom & Africa