Raising funds for charity with Christmas Sweater Day

By digging out favorite festive sweaters and dress up for a fun day in the office, Cegal employees have raised funds to support Hjelp oss å hjelpe Rogaland.


Christmas Sweater Day in Cegal is a day of light hearted fun to raise funds for charity. Employees are encouraged to wear a Christmas sweater, take part in fundraising activities as well as making donations to a chosen charity 

Not everyone is looking forward for Christmas, and especially if they have limited resources, or do not have the chance to create a Christmas celebration for their family. Thanks to Christmas Sweater Day 2017 and the generous donations from our employeesCegal Humanity was this year in a position to support families in celebrating a worthy Christmas through Hjelp oss å hjelpe Rogaland. 

Someone once said that whatever we possess becomes of double value when we share it with others. To know the difference the support will make on Christmas eve, we know that to be true.   

About Hjelp oss å hjelpe Rogaland 

Hjelp oss å hjelpe is a neutral nonprofit volunteer organization that works targeting several community groups who have a challenging day. In particular, Hjelp oss å hjelpe focus on the problem of poverty in Norway. The organization focuses on single parents with little income, drug addicts, students, elderly people, immigrants / asylum seekers and more. Their motto is "We help everyone and excludes no one". Everyone is equally welcome and there is no threshold for the support the organization offers.

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