National Safety Month

Meet our new Compliance Manager and hear her thoughts on the importance of Information Security Management.


October is recognized as the month we put focus on how to learn more, get involved and do our part to make the internet safer and more secure for everyone. 

Cegal has recently added a new position to the HSEQ team. Kristen Love Arvesen is now the Compliance Manager for Cegal globally, working from the Stavanger, Norway office. In her new role, Arvesen will work to develop control systems, design improvements in communication and monitoring of various compliance standards, collaborate with different corporate counsels to enforce these standards, and coordinate internal training regimes that ensure organizational understanding of any necessary adjustments. Information Security Management, in accordance with the guidelines set out in ISO 27001, is a major focus for her as Compliance Manager and for the rest of Cegal.

The convenience factor of communicating via email often causes us to forget the amount of risk we are exposed to, says Kristen Love Arvesen.

Businesses today communicate via email; it is the convenient and reliable communication tool that we take with us everywhere. The convenience factor of communicating via this channel often causes us to forget the amount of risk we are exposed to. It is incredibly easy to click on a link that could lead to the exposure of confidential company information or to validate a fraudulent business request.  This makes email safety campaigns a fundamental security effort both for Cegal and for our customers.

One underutilized tool for email safety is email encryption; requiring a valid and verified login to be able to read both new and historic emails will help address major business risks. Someone could have any number of reasons to target you to access the information contained in your mailbox – and they can turn around and use it against you. Another benefit of encrypting emails is protecting personally identifiable information. Most people have now heard of GDPR and the rights each person has regarding his or her personal data. Sending this information in an unencrypted email can lead to big consequences including identity theft. You should also keep in mind that if someone has stolen your identity via email, they can send emails pretending to be you, reset your passwords, and possibly even request or confirm money transfers.

Being aware of email safety advice and the risks of not applying them is a great first step!

Contact your Key Account Manager, or, if you would like more information on how we can assist in keeping your data safe and protect your company from cyber security threats.

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