Enhance workflow efficiency in unconventional plays

Cegal recently released the Blueback Unconventionals Toolbox to improve workplace ergonomics when working with several wells in Petrel.


The Blueback Unconventionals Toolbox was recently released as part of the Blueback Toolbox 19 and is available on the Ocean store for Petrel* 2017, 2018 and 2019. The Blueback Toolbox suite consists of tools which complement standard Petrel within geophysics, geology, reservoir engineering, project management and now the unconventionals domain.

The Blueback Unconventionals Toolbox is built according to the overall philosophy of the Blueback Toolbox suite - to enhance and streamline everyday Petrel workflows. As development is based on client requests, several companies have provided guidance in the development of the unconventional tools.

The product is focused on improving ergonomics when working with many wells in Petrel, typically in unconventional fields. The tools in the Blueback Unconventionals Toolbox will significantly reduce the number of mouse clicks and the need for navigating multiple data tables and folders in Petrel. The Blueback Unconventionals Toolbox consists of the following tools:

  • Well Data Viewer
  • Automated Tops Gridder
  • Quick Mapper
  • Log Normalization
  • Global Well Log Manager
  • Rename
  • Python Tool

The main, and by far the largest, tool is the Well Data Viewer. The Well Data Viewer streamlines and enables more efficient well data browsing by giving the user easy access to well data in a tabular format; header data, deviation data, time-depth relationship data, well logs, global logs, well tops and production data.

The Blueback Unconventionals Toolbox also includes the Python tool, that enables Python scripting workflows inside of Petrel.

For more in-depth details on the functionality of the tools in the Blueback Unconventionals Toolbox, have a look at the LinkedIn article by Rene Dam Pedersen, Technical Sales in Cegal or contact for any questions.

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