Cegal to deliver OSDU™ platform as a service to the E&P Industry

Cegal, a trusted global digitalization partner for Oil & Gas, Renewables and Ocean Industries, is proud to announce OSDU™ platform as a service by Cegal on Microsoft Azure.


The service will provide and operate the modern and centralized data platform for the E&P industry. Cegal also enables development of new and pioneering applications utilizing the OSDU™ Data Platform.

“With OSDU™ platform as a service by Cegal, the OSDU™ experience and service is rock solid”, says Espen Knudsen, Principal Advisor for Digitalization and Innovation in Cegal.

As the E&P industry faces a transformative digital future, the current methods for handling, storing, sharing, and accessing subsurface data are quickly becoming outdated and unsuitable for the industry’s future needs. To unlock more feasible approaches, several key industry players, including Cegal, have come together in the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU)™ Forum to develop a standardized, flexible, and scalable data platform for the oil and gas industry.

OSDU™ platform as a service by Cegal aims to help companies leverage the opportunities inherent in the OSDU™ Data Platform by providing the first genuinely vendor-neutral solution for OSDU™-related services. 

“OSDU™ platform as a service by Cegal accelerates the digital transformation of the E&P industry by helping industry players tear down information silos and centralize data from various applications, tools, and platforms in one centralized cloud solution,” Espen Knudsen, Principal Advisor for Digitalization and Innovation in Cegal, says.

Unlike other similar services, OSDU™ platform as a service by Cegal is not tied to any specific vendor and easily integrates with any data platform, cloud solution, and application. The customer owns the data and can pick and choose the applications they need, rather than being locked to the applications of one specific vendor, enabling best-in-class workflows.

Cegal draws on decades of experience with delivering innovative technology and digital solutions for the E&P industry when working closely with clients to implement the necessary infrastructure and realize the benefits of the OSDU™ Data Platform.

“Cegal possesses deep industry knowledge, a large development milieu, and considerable experience managing and operating complex IT solutions. This becomes invaluable when we set up, implement, and operate the necessary OSDU™ infrastructure, leverage new applications, and ensure optimal information security for our clients,” Knudsen points out. “With OSDU™ platform as a service by Cegal, the OSDU™ experience and service is rock solid.”

Currently, Cegal is searching for early adopters interested in investigating the opportunities and possibilities inherent in the OSDU™ Data Platform. If you would like to partner with Cegal to liberate data from your subsurface applications and create new innovative workflows, feel free to get in touch today. 

“Companies that partner with Cegal can expect a steady hand accompanying them from today’s situation where data are inseparable from their applications to a full cloud-native platform for innovative subsurface workflows in a few years,” Knudsen says. “Whether you want a “lift and shift” from existing platforms to the OSDU™ data platform or to redefine the entire subsurface workflow, we are interested in talking with you.”

OSDU™ is a trademark of The Open Group.

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