Cegal hosts first global Virtual Party

Bringing employees from all Cegal offices together for an interactive, digital event.


This year is a special year for many reasons. Cegal celebrates its 20-year anniversary and has become a truly global company with more than 400 employees across 9 offices. And of course, the current situation requires new ideas of bringing employees together. 

This is why Cegal decided to host a virtual summer party in cooperation with local TV station TV Vest and Cegalians from all over the world. Hosted by Asbjørn Tonstad (Chief Technology Officer) and Corinna Wagner (Marketing Communications), the livestream included a mix of live sessions and recorded clips. Employees shared images and comments on Workplace before, during and after the webcast for an interactive atmosphere.

The webcast started off with a music video created by employees. Highlights of the evening included a virtual tour around the global Cegal offices, music by the Norwegian local artist Olav Larsen as well as our own inhouse Cegal rock band. Commercials and clips produced by employees gave insights into the life of a Cegalian. 

During the evening, the studio had live interviews with several viewing parties, where smaller teams met to watch the webcast together in safe distance and following local regulations. Closing the webcast, a live Kahoot quiz was hosted on Teams, where more than 130 employees participated to win a voucher for their favorite local restaurant. 

After quite a long time of remote working it was great to see everyone virtually again and the first ever global Virtual Party was a great success even though we hope to meet in person again soon!


Collage created by Cegal © Caroline Seim Midtlien, Tone Skartveit, Christer Tysdal, Ahmad Kamal Bin Kamarun Hamidy, Marianne Hjørnevik Andersen, Julia Kaldestad, Anthony Wicks, Corinna Wagner, Eirik Madland, Jone Klemo Øverland.

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