Cegal celebrates Acceptance and Tolerance

In view of Pride month, Cegal stresses the importance of equality and acceptance in the workplace.


Joining the global Pride month movement represents an excellent opportunity to put these topics on the top of the agenda, even if they should be any month of the year.

As a global technology company with offices around the world, Cegal believes in building an inclusive and diverse workforce as a critical factor for success. Embracing employees of every sexual orientation and gender results in respect and tolerance and the development of a creative and innovative working environment.

We are determined to contribute in making a difference and use Cegal’s core values to guide us in how we work as individuals, as a team and as a whole generation: 

  • Inventive - In Cegal, we want to set new standards for ourselves and our customers
  • Courageous - In Cegal, we want to empower our people to create and embrace opportunities to grow both as an individual and team
  • Passionate – In Cegal, we show dedication and commitment to look beyond technology
  • Balanced – In Cegal, we recognize the role of work-life-balance for all genders

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