Supporting Norway Safe House, Fiji

FijiStiftelsen is carrying out an outstanding project in the Fiji Islands, building an evacuation center, which aims to house all inhabitants during the next flood or cyclone.


In February 2016, the cyclone Winston hit the Fiji Islands with tremendous power and left the village of Wainibuka with extensive damage. To know that a new cyclone will hit again, despite not knowing when, the citizens live in constant fear of losing family members, for the health of their children, their homes and their harvests. Together with FijiStiftelsen, the project in building an evacuation center took form, and now aims at keeping citizens safe during a cyclone and work as a multi-purpose center for the village during everyday life. 

FijiStiftelsen partnered with a local architect, Sjo Fasting, in which designed the evacuation center to ensure that it “rides off the storm”, is safe and practical in all ways. Through fund raising events initiated by Cegal Humanity, we are proud to support the technical design of the project with a donation of NOK 100 000.

Cegal Humanity would like to give a big thank you to partners and financial sponsors of Oktoberfest, arranged for Cegal employees and partners, to help raise funds directly for the project.

We look forward to following the project and the journey towards finalizing the building of the evacuation center within Q4 2019!

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Thank you to our sponsors Xfiber, Pedab, Arrow, Mnemonic, Kompaniet, Cegal, Peanuts, ShowRoom and Kai Hansen for helping us making the Octoberfest fundraising event possible.

Thank you to our sponsors | Cegal

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