Dag Ydstebø

An IT Architect in Cegal has the opportunity to be hands on new technology and to build new solutions.

Meet Day Ydstebø, IT Architect in Cegal

How does a typical workday look to you?

To keep myself updated on emails and information that might affect my workday is important. However, normally my day is planned in advance with handling requests or changes, in addition to checking status on reporting, monitoring and capacity tasks. In addition, I attend internal technical meetings, and vendor- and customer meetings where I assist our sales- and advisory department to design solutions or give input to tender processes.

In Cegal there is room for personal development, and to contribute in building the best possible Cloud platforms for our customers. 

How has your career development been whilst working at Cegal?

I have now worked with technical challenges for 17 years in Cegal. During this time, I have had the opportunity to work with network, software, projects and infrastructure. This broad experience has given me a good foundation in understanding the different aspects of the Cegal business.

What does it take to succeed in your job?

I believe a success criteria is to enjoy the work you do every day. It is important to accept and embrace change when you work in a technology company. Flexibility and the ability to adapt to the changing needs of our customers is also important, in particular when customers are experiencing infrastructure challenges. We focus on keeping up with technology to be able to deliver smart solutions, and focus on standardization to make concepts that are easy to manage and reuse amongst our customers.

Photo: Jone Klemo Øverland

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