Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN)

The delivery of infrastructure to EBN`s geoscience and petrotechnical platform enabled a stable operating environment rightsized for optimal use and configuration.

Cegal delivers infrastrucutre to EBN's geoscience and petreotechnical platform, case study

EBN is an undertaking that invests in exploration, extraction and storage of gas and oil on behalf of the State. In a safe, sustainable and economically responsible manner, EBN realizes societal and economic value from the Dutch subsurface.

With extensive knowledge of the deep subsurface and understanding of innovative exploration and extraction techniques, EBN identifies opportunities, shares knowledge and promotes a favorable environment for exploration, development and extraction together with oil and gas companies.

EBN encountered challenges with insufficient performance of the Petrel environment due to an aged server and computer farm. The company was in need of a common, flexible working surface and solution to drive geophysical oil and gas applications. It was vital that the solution could prove secure, cost effective and deliver a high user experience standard. In addition, a key requirement was that the new solution should be cloud based.

In 2016, Cegal was contracted to deliver of infrastructure to EBN`s geoscience and petrotechnical platform using the Cegal GeoCloud technology.

With extensive domain knowledge, Cegal is a supplier that understands the challenges in the oil and gas industry. The deployment of GeoCloud enabled a stable operating environment for EBN with improved performance of IT systems and geoscience applications, and further allowed users to work from anywhere and on any device - an effective solution at a predictable cost.

"The change to Cegal was a good choice. They deliver a high level of quality but most important a good sense of what we are doing. Cegal knows our business and that is a plus in the service delivery and understanding of the end users", says ICT Technical Specialist Sander de Waal. 

GeoCloud helped EBN to rightsize the environment for optimal size and configuration. This was beneficial for not overinvesting in hardware, but also to ensure an optimal user experience for the petrotechnical users and to avoid situations of rolling out inadequate hardware. The storage solution that is part of GeoCloud ensures that active data is stored in high capacity storage units, whilst archived data is stored in low capacity storage units, optimizing the storage need and cost.

Due to customer requirements, the Cegal GeoCloud deployment was delivered from Cegal`s datacenter in the Netherlands. The datacenter is located close to Schiphol, and with a central location and a excellent connectivity to Norway and Europe, the solution improves cooperation and makes it ready for future development. The experience from the months in operation so far,  proves the satisfyingly high performance.

Dedicated service personnel, allocated to manage the contract with EBN, ensures that highly skilled technicians are familiar with the specific solution. Subsequently, we ensure a smooth handling of requests and changes, and also a good customer experience. 

Photo: Sander de Waal, ICT Technical Specialist, EBN

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